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MIDI 2.0

Sometimes it does not send signal thru P2 output, needing disconnect and reconnect several times to repair it. Ive tried lots of cables and the bug always returns. Its not a output issue, cos it does not occurs on iPod mode. Beside this, the app is OK.

Works well for my purpose

I use this app to practise clarinet while listening to the second voice (bassoon) from the midi file. The standard sounds are not bad, but the premium sounds are really good. Especially the clarinet sounds great. You can import the midi file with iTunes, you can adjusts the volume levels of the different instruments and you can adjust the tempo of the music. The user interface is not really fancy, but you can download a PDF manual.

Waste of money

This app is clumsy, syncing file is a pain, sound is bad and it STOP PLAYING IN SLEEP MODE! This is a complete waste of money do not buy this app.

Needs Work

Yea! I can finally upload my own files. Oh crap, it crashes with every file I try.

Pretty Decent App!

Personally, I think this is a pretty decent, well designed application; it not only allows the user to download and listen to midi files on their Apple Device, but also includes a number of powerful editing features that rival software programs written for desktop computers. One feature that could be added is the ability to transfer files directly in iTunes. An integrated browser would also facilitate the downloading of additional midi files from the Internet. The included WiFi interface works well, but permits the transfer of only one file at a time, making the task of moving files back and forth between App and PC/Mac a very laborious affair. This is the only reason why I rate this application 4 Star instead of 5.


WiFiでMIDIファイルを取り込もうとするとなぜか落ちる。 iPadでも、iPhone3Gでも、ipod touchでも。 というわけで、現時点ではお金をドブに捨てた状態です。 残念。 自分のネット環境に問題があるのでしょうか? goodreaderのWifi転送はできているのですが。


iPod touch4G、iOS5.1.1にて使用してます。 2〜3曲程再生した後、アプリが落ちます。 演奏中に画面を切り替えたりしてても落ちます。 サイズが大きめのMIDIファイルだと演奏すらされずにロード中に落ちます。 SweetMIDI、m16、bs-16iでは数百KBあるファイルでも演奏してくれました。

The midi player

Good application but have some problems like:1. How to delete files. 2. When i imported my midi files, not all instruments are playing. 3. Not help section is provided in this application to solve the problems. I hope the maker of this appli can provide solutions to the problems.

Very Good but Has One Problem

This is very good but I want to fix one bug. Its to drain the batteries too quickly.

Best Player App for MIDI

Pretty good! I love it! まさに最高のMIDIプレーヤアプリ、誠にすばらしく、心より感銘をいたしました。 But, I have some requests for more progress of the development for every user in every country on the Earth (including me). そこで、全世界のあらゆる国々のあらゆるユーザの皆様方(わたしもですが)のため、さらなる開発の発展を願って、若干のご要望をさせていただければ幸甚です。 1. Please make the edit mode for My Songs. Or, let us know how to delete MIDI file(s) from them. Some of them I imported by mistake are wrong ones. 第一に、My Songsに編集モードをつけてくださればと存じます。 もしくは、MIDIファイルの削除方法をおしらせください。 誤ってインポートしてしまったファイルがありまして…。 2. Please make texts resizable. It is difficult to read the My Songs list for the aged. それと文字サイズを変更可能にしてください。 My Songsの中のとことかお年寄りが読むのたいへんです。 3. Please make the visual design by a professional designer. And make it even finer. あと画面のデザインをプロの人にやってもらってください。 Midi Player をもっとキレイに!

How do I record audio in a loop?

オーディオ ループ レコーディングが出来ません(方法が分かりません)。Overall functions are excellent, but I cannot find the record function. I bought the in-app purchase for the function.

Very Bad

It is buggy like there is no tomorrow. Never works properly no matter what iphone model or ios you use. Do not believe the hype.


Worst. App. Ever.

No, definitely no

Bad if not unusable lirics display, cannot customize to have what you need. For that price other applications Give you much much more. Badly unsatsfied.

Lyrics on ipad pro 12"

On my ipad pro when i try to display lyric the app crash. :(

Never seen premium sounds

I have purchase premium sounds but I have never seen them in midi player

No Premium sound-unstable

I purchase the Premium sounds but they never showed on the app after restarting. I also encountered several problems such as the app quitting unexpectedly. When I modified some files and saved the changes, the files never play properly and need to be remodified every time before playing.

Thanks! 10 stars!

This dev is so smart! Updated to work with devices that dont currently have the ability to install 3.1.3 os.. Genius! Thanks bigtime for that.. So folks if youre running a 3gs stuck at 3.12 this app is good to go! For writing this Awesome app, dream come true for my iPhone. Essential to the iPhone music toolkit. I have over 100k midi files collected over 20 years to pump through this baby! Btw if anyone is curious, this app works great via stereo Bluetooth. Ill promote this app gladly and loudly :) PS if you want to crash this app a surefire way is to choke it with a massively oversized soundfont. Remember, this isnt a coreduo2 with 8gb of ram and seperate dedicated audio device.. Have reasonable expectations and the true midi enthusiast will be pleased. PSS "pros" might want to exercise due dilligence and search for iPhone file explorer to quickly load up files.. Free utility for mac and pc.

Re Update and a suggestion

I love the new sounds and the playlist feature of the update. How about a version that works with the new Line 6 Midi Mobilizer, a midi i/o interface for iphone?

Sounds great, love the features

Love the playlist feature as we regularly use this app for a jamming and practice tool. Nicely Done! Keep up the great work!

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